1. How many guests do you want to be able to play at one time?

You don’t necessarily need to book enough games for 100% of your guests. Especially if the Casino Party portion of your event overlaps with other activities (dancing, eating, socializing) only a percentage of your guests will be playing at any given time. We’d be happy to help you decide how many games and tables you need for your specific event type.

2. What games do you think your guests would most enjoy?

Having a variety of games best represents a true casino experience.  Because of it’s low skill level and familiarity, Blackjack is our most popular game. Craps & Roulette are high-energy games that can accommodate larger numbers of players per table, but require more space. Bingo & Trivial Pursuit are great additions to a casino event when space / budget is limited or to accommodate guests that might be uncomfortable with traditional games. Read more about our games here.

3. What plan best fits your budget?

Depending on the size and scope of your event, the Casino Party is typically a small portion of the overall event budget. We’ve created small and intimate private parties . If you have concerns about your budget we can guide you to the choices that will help keep cost down while keeping the fun high!

Space & Facilities

We have worked in most facilities in East Tennessee with our casino events. We normally communicate with the facility coordinator to create a casino floor plan suitable for the entire event taking into consideration space required for catering, beverage and other entertainment.
The casino set up is very flexible, with casino tables set at counter height without chairs to encourage guests to mingle. This also allows more guests the opportunity to play the games.


• Guests receive envelopes with $25,000.00 in play money.
• Play money is exchanged for casino style chips at the gaming tables.
• Casino operates up to three hours, and then last hand is called.
• Guests exchange money and chips for vouchers / raffle tickets with any dealer.
• Vouchers are used in an auction or raffle for prizes provided by the client.

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