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Are casino parties legal?

Absolutely! Our games are considered entertainment and no actual money is involved in the games. Your guests are given play money to exchange for chips, which are used for wagers at the tables. No monetary participation is required - or allowed - during the casino portion of the event.

Do my guests need to be 21?

No. Guests can be of any age. Since no actual money or gambling is involved in the event, guests can be of any age.


Is my event too large or too small for Fantasy Casino Events?

No party is too large or too small for us. We've organized events with 1 table and 1 dealer up to 200 table events. We are the industry leader for a reason.


What is the best location for my event?

This depends on your specific needs and the purpose of your event. A casino party can be held in the most lavish of hotels or in the privacy of your home. The number of guests and the number of gaming tables will big the biggest factors involved in choosing where to hold your party. We'd be happy to recommend a number of facilities we've worked with in the past to host successful events.


How far in advance must I book my event?

Certain times of the year are more heavily booked than others. We've had up to a dozen casinos scheduled on one night! To ensure adequate staff and equipment for your special event, we recommend reserving your event date as far in advance as possible. However, it's never too late to get the process started. Since we own all our own equipment and have a large network of dealers, even last minute events can often be accommodated.


Can I choose what games to have at my event?

Certainly. You know your guests, priorities and budget better than anyone. We're happy to make suggestions but you make all the final decisions.

How many tables and games will I need?

The number of tables is determined by three main factors: Space, Guests, & Other Activities. The square footage of your location will put a hard limit on the number of games. Considering the number of guests and other activities planned will allow you to decide how many tables are needed. Where there are no other activities, you can count on 70-90% of your guests playing at once. Add dining, dancing or other activities and that number will decrease.

What if my guests don't know how to play a game?

No problem! Our professional dealers are always happy to help novice players learn the rules and will coach them through their first couple of hands. We've even taught experienced players a new thing or two!


Can you plan my whole party?

Fantasy Casino Events is a full-service event planning company. We can provide you with everything you need to WOW your guests, with minimal effort on your part. Let us know what you want and we'll do the rest!

What other services do you offer?

Besides casino equipment & dealers, we can also provide or coordinate catering options for your entire event - from menu planning to waitstaff. We also can provide a full range of themed decor for your event. We can also include DJ services, entertainment packages, printed materials, and so much more. We love to get creative and create one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients! j

Do I tip the dealers?

Our dealers are well compensated for their work. As service workers though, they do sometimes receive tips. If you feel they have performed above average service or made your event more enjoyable than tips - typically in the amount of $10-25 per dealer - are accepted and appreciated. However, for fairness and to comply with local gaming laws these guidelines must be followed.
1. No tips for cheats, do-overs, extra chips, or any other unfair advantage.
2. Please hold your gratuity until the end of the event. To avoid serious legal implications, NO REAL MONEY CAN EVER BE INVOLVED AT THE CASINO TABLES.
3. Chips used at the casino have no cash value and therefore cannot be used as money to tip dealers.

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